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Copyright on the website

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Tthis is a collective work coming from personal research and compiling different sources


Sources are always identified and Authors authorisation is always requested when possible. If you feel that some content is against copyright law please let us know we will correct immediately. The rules are so complex that is is almost impossible to verify everything.


Pictures and scans of postcards

Postcards scans are coming from private collection and public auction. If you feel some content might be against authors right please let us know, author of many postcards are not identified or are identified but without more information.
We have blocked on purpose the display of artistpostcards if the artists is dead after the current day - 70 years (and 5 years of war). In 2015 all artists dead before 1945 will be free of copy because the war won't be counted anymore.


Copy the content or images of cartophilie.be

Please ask us authorisation to copy some content. If you copy some images please always refer your source in your website.
Pictures present on these website are not necessarly free of charge, we just ignore if there is any
Our experience shows that ruthless people can copy fully or partially our content without any authorisation. We will probably not waste our time to prosecute them but of course we keep our right to put them on a hall of shame.
A good reference also includes the URL to the website cartophilie.be

This website is made on a best effort principle.Never hesitate to contact us if something looks wrong.
We wish you a good surf


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www.cartophilie.be est sponsorisé par
Merci à Francisco B.urzi qui m'a inspiré pour la création technique de ce site. Le code a été réécrit à 90%. Grand merci à Claude De Saeger pour son support technique également
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