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montimbre cartophilie.be Laitier à PutteDuoStamp 1: Milkman Putte2005-09-012005-09-30Stamp or label
montimbre cartophilie.be Chocolat baronDuoStamp 2: Dirigible Aiglon2005-10-012005-10-31Stamp or label
montimbre 3 cartophilie.be ByrrhStamp 3: Byrrh2005-11-152005-12-31Stamp or label
montimbre 4 Cartophilie.be Dame de piqueStamp 4: As de pique2005-11-152005-12-31Stamp or label
montimbre privé a MeunierStamps b: Boifsfort Station0000-00-000000-00-00Stamp or label
montimbre privé Watermael gareDuoStamp a: G. Meunier2006-01-012006-01-01Stamp or label
Première carte postale de soutien de Cartophilie.be tirage 200 ex.Postkcard 1 : Lady with laptopCartophilie.be2007-03-032007-12-31Postcard

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