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Help & InfoQuestionEn Basic of the search engine ?
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The engine searches by default only in the titles of documents or files in the database

The motor can operate in seven distinct modes

  • 1.One of the words
    It only takes one word to select the info
  • 2.All words (default mode).
    . All words must be present to select the info
  • 3.Equal to exact phrase
    The expression as it is
  • 4.Advanced search
    Expression with special characters
  • 5.Starting word
    Sheet containing a word whose first letters correspond
  • 6.Word ending
    Sheet containing a word whose last letters correspond
  • 7.Containing the exact phrase
    Sheet containing this precise expression

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Thank you to Francisco B.urzi who inspires me initially this website. The code has been 90% rewritten
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