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closeGeneral Information about the field Citizenship
The field Citizenship has the type Country

closeGeneral Information on the object Country

Icon symbolizing the object : Country
Country is dependent on the object Continent
Country is accessible in the menu Pays
There is(are) currently 195 Countries on www.cartophilie.be
Cannot load scans for the object directly Country
Country can be located on a map, There is(are) currently 6 Cities/Villages/Places(Capital)

closeAuthorisation Information on the object Country

Allowed operations for the object Country
List Country possible for Anonymous visitor
Record printing Country possible for Site member
Search Country possible for Anonymous visitor
Statistics Country possible for Site member
Display Country possible for Anonymous visitor
List new items Country possible for Site member
List printing Country possible for Site member

closeLink Information on Country

closeDocumentation about Country

Documentation about Information object: Country

The countries defined on the site are the current countries. They do not necessarily correspond with the old countries. Any locality defined on the site must belong to a country. If the locality is not yet defined you can use a generic locality for this country

This site is dedicated to the Belgian map and to illustrators. So all Belgian localities are defined.

Foreign cards are only encoded on the site if they have a connection with Belgium (for example a Belgian publisher / printer)

closeDocumentation about Designer

Documentation about Information object: Designer

A designer plays a role in deltiology. He is the designer of certain postcards. It can also be associated with series, posters and signatures (time object)

A person can play the role of designer when the "designer" indicator of his file is activated. This will allow you to see this person in the list of illustrators or to be able to select him as an illustrator of a postcard.
A person in deltiology can have different roles. He can for example be editor and illustrator at the same time at the level of his record.

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Thank you to Francisco B.urzi who inspires me initially this website. The code has been 90% rewritten
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