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Il existe actuellement 195 Countries on www.cartophilie.be
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Documentation about Country

Les pays définis sur le site sont les pays actuels. Ils correspondent pas nécessairement avec les anciens pays. Toute localité définie sur le site doit appartenir à un pays

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Documentation about Place

On this site a locality is a place located in a country with its current spelling. Cartophilia will usually be old towns, even hamlets. When inserting a map we will refer to the municipality of the time.

When we write the title of a map, we will give the locality that is as it is on the map with its old spelling. When one wants to go more finely in the definition of the place of a map one can associate one or several localized points (for example a station, a school or a church etc ....).

As this site is a site devoted mainly to Belgian cartophilia, only the Belgian localities are listed in a complete way. The localities of other countries are present only summarily in order to complete the files of the publishers or personalities.

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