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Le champ Your search a le type Text (Valeur manuelle 80 characters maximum )

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Documentation about Your search

Type here the keywords you are looking for. By default the system will search all occurence in objects that contain any of this key words
You can change the search mode and search scope

Tip & trick : by typing de sort key of a serie or a people record you will get it first

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Documentation about Variant

There are several standard search parameters that are valid on all objects in the site.

Depending on the module and the context these parameters are mandatory or not, hidden or not, modifiable or not

- the text sought
- the search mode (exact or not, starting or ending with, etc ...)
- terms to exclude (comma separated list of words)
- the level of research (extended or not)
- the age of the information

- the domain of information searched (may be undefined)
- the desired object (may be undefined)

Note: The search is case-insensitive (ie, uppercase and lowercase)

www.cartophilie.be Sponsored by
Thank you to Francisco B.urzi who inspires me initially this website. The code has been 90% rewritten
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