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(145) Belgium Fantasy Artist drawn By country Pionners Foto-cards
Antwerp (7169 Postcards) Antwerp
Brussels (7390 Postcards) Brussels
East Flanders (4890 Postcards) Ghent
Hainaut (6481 Postcards) Mons
Liège (7246 Postcards) Liège
Limburg (1154 Postcards) Hasselt
Luxembourg (4603 Postcards) Arlon
Namur (5845 Postcards) Namur
Vlaams Brabant (3377 Postcards) Leuven
Walloon Brabant (1695 Postcards) Wavre
West Flanders (11871 Postcards) Bruges
Belgium Undefined (929 Postcards)

Total Belgium (62650 Postcards)

Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (876 Postcards)
Belgische Congo (Oud) (361 Postcards)
Katanga (old) (37 Postcards)
Other countries (no Belgium) (2501 Postcards)

Illustrated no country (6553 Postcards)
Real foto no country (Fantaisie) (2505 Postcards)
Cards before 1900 (1092 Postcards)

Total (75576 Postcards)
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